Solution Library

We face many challenges in our time. At the same time, there are so many solutions out there and so many people eager to implement them! The Solution Library connects these two. It creates a simple access interface, with clear routes leading users to the information they are searching for. The aim is to make solutions for the transition to sustainability universally accessible.

Community Sustainability Assessment

The Global Ecovillage Network is developing the concept of sustainability auditing. The aim being to provide measuring rods for individuals and for existing villages and communities to compare their current status with ideal goals for ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability. In addition, acting as learning instruments - pointing out actions aspiring individuals and communities can take to become more sustainable. In this context the Global Ecovillage Network has created the Community Sustainability Assessment tool CSA.

GEN Sites

GEN Sites is the online networking platform of the Global Ecovillage Network. A multitude of features support dynamic interaction and collaborative project development. It includes events, news and projects as well as a forum and marketplace.

GEN Database

The GEN Database gives a clean interface to view and manage Projects and Events in our online community platform. It provides access to the same data that can be accesses through GEN Sites, however without the social features. It focuses on providing a clean and structured experience.


Here follows a list of publications that are especially concerned with the ecovillage movement. This list is by no means exclusive.

Ecovillages - New Frontiers for Sustainability

Ecovillage Living

"Living and Learning Centres" brochure



  • The Network of Eco-Villages and Eclogical Projects in Israel Gives Birth to GEN-Israel

    The first public event of GEN-Israel, an all-day conference, was held on November 23 at Kibbutz Gezer. Participants included Kosha Joubert, president of GEN-International, Aida Shibli, coordinator...

  • For Sustainable Aid in Areas of Crisis

    In September, a group of specialists, entrepreneurs and representatives of aid organizations came together in Tamera to discuss the possibility of creating a "Blueprint" for coordinated aid...

  • Ecovillage Design Education Programme

    Ecovillage Design Education programmes, commonly referred to as 'EDEs', are a 125 hour courses which have been carried out over 190 times in more than 34 countries on six continents since 2006....

  • Building the Foundations of GEN Palestine

    Hakoritna Farm, one of the winners of the GEN Excellency Award 2014, co-hosted a meeting of GEN and Global Campus Palestine with the Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie, in order to meet...

  • My Friend, My Brother! The Salaayel Ecovillage Approach in Mauretania

    Severe droughts in recent years have had negative consequences, including impacts on the socio-economic life of our people. One of the most serious consequences was the exodus, which forced...

  • The Journey of a Refugee from Syria

    Wars, climate change, economic and social injustices, have made millions of people refugees, with thousands dying, stranded on the borders of Europe, or the United States. At the recent GEN...

  • Results, Challenges, and Consequences

    From December 10-14, 120 people from 40 countries met for the first International Ecovillage Summit in Senegal - sponsored by the German Foreign Ministry, and organized by GEN International....