• Generous Anonymous Donation

    Anonymous donor supports projectes in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America

    A select few local projects in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America, made beneficial gains and improvements following a generous donation by anonymous donor.

  • the Great Unification

    Inspiration for the End: "Free Your Choice" - the Great Unification

    Yan Golding, a yoga instructor, permaculture teacher, dancer, and community builder, co-founded a pioneering eco-community called Khula Dhamma in South Africa, organised and co-facilitated the first Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) in Brazil, and is now living in Southern Portugal where he inten


    Change and Innovation in GEN: Results of the EU research project TRANSIT


    Ecovillages are fascinating experiments, Iris Kunze first came across them in 1996. Ever since then, she has been keeping in touch with the ecovillage movement motivated by researching and teaching on sustainable ways of living, at university.

  • California

    California: Celebrating and Honouring Water

    A pilgrimage in California called Walking Water will spotlight humanity’s relationship to water and invite people to co-create solutions that are pivotal to the wellbeing of all life on Earth. GEN is a cooperation partner of the pilgrimage. Geoff Dalglish from Findhorn reports.

  • Sociocracy in GENNA

    Sociocracy in North American Ecovillages and Intentional Communities

    Sociocracy — which means “governance by peers or colleagues” (sometimes called “Dynamic Governance”) in the US — is an increasingly popular governance and decision-making method based on the principles of transparency, equivalency, and effectiveness.

  • Argentina

    Argentina: 13-day Wavespells at VelaTropa

    In front of the largest football stadium in Argentina lies an intentionally sustainable community. This is the ecovillage VelaTropa, located in the city of Buenos Aires, on the other side of the River Plate football club’s home.

  • 9th Call of the Mountain

    Latin America: The 9th Call of the Mountain - Setting a Pace for our Social Movement

    In January, at the South of Colombia, at the very heart of the country’s conflict zone, ecovillagers, indigenous, afrodescendants, peasants and citizens were all together dancing, communicating, sharing and envisioning under the fiery sun crowning the mountains of Guambia, territory of the Misak

  • India

    Siddarth Ecovillage, India: Young Tribal Girls Become Barefoot Organic Agricultural Scientists


    Jyotshna, Gurbari and Meena, three Munda tribal girls never thought that in their adolescence they would be appreciated in their own village for bringing transformation into conventional agricultural patterns, and become young agricultural scientists. Thread reports.

  • Japan

    Japan: New collaborations Have Emerged

    Spring has come. Under the soft and warm sunlight, Mom’s Lunch-Box Shop, of As-One Community, becomes very busy with orders for local people’s spring events in Suzuka city, Japan. But there is also another reason to be busy this year.

  • Bangladesh

    Andharmanic Ecovillage, Bangladesh: A Model for Sustainability in Climate Sensitive Regions


    Andharmanic village is situated in Khulna district of Bangaldesh, near the Bay of Bengal and beside the biggest mangrove forest ‘Sundorbon’. This village community experienced the very powerful cyclones ‘Sidr’ in 2007, and ‘Aila’ in 2009, which affected the community tremendously.

  • Gambia

    Sandele Eco-Retreat / The Gambia - Responsible Tourism

    Sandele Eco-Retreat in Kartong is an example of responsible tourism. The lodges are built with compressed, stabilized earth blocks which use a minimum of cement and are frequently stabilized with lime. Electricity, hot water and water pumping are provided using solar and wind power.

  • Cameroon

    Cameroon: Bafut Ecovillage Sparks Entrepreneurship Revolution

    About 20 km north of Bemenda, Cameroon, is the village of Bafut, where the traditional "fondom" (kingdom) community living structure remains intact. The goals for the future are ambitious, and inspiring.



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Ecovillage Transition Strategies for Whole Systems Change - Can countries and regions shift to sustainability through community - based approaches?

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