10th Earth Summit

"10th Earth Summit: Creating the Earth for a New Era," Japan (July 16-18, 2016)

“Creating the Earth (Kuni-Tsukuri) for a New Era”

Dawn of the Era

Hundreds of years ago, the universal wisdom came down to a monkey which is said to be our human ancestor, and then he began to use tools for the first time. As a result, the monkey evolved into a human (HITO). This is how our current advanced civilization exists.

As a result of evolution, a materially rich society has been brought into the modern era. However, it has created conflicts among humans, brought confusion to the global ecosystem, and people have lost their original way with the Earth.

And now, a change, which is as sensational as that of the time when humans began to take a different path from other animals, is about to occur for the whole of humanity.

The 10th Earth Summit will be held from July 16th to July 18th. When we analyze the meaning of 10 based on the wisdom of the Katakamuna people, who sensed and developed the advanced universal physics in East Asia about 13000 years ago, 10 is pronounced as “TO” and means an integration. The number 1 is pronounced as “HI” and indicates a starting point from stillness to motion. Therefore, going from the stage of 1 (HI) to 10 (TO) completes HITO meaning “an awakened human,” and also faces an end.

As if a monkey evolved and a human (HITO) was born from there, this shows an integration (completion) at a point. An end is also a beginning. This is going to be a historical summit for humans to evolve further and create a totally other dimensional world.

Many of you might question the state of the current society that you live. There might not be any hope to imagine our future as an extension of the current materialistic values.

If you have such a doubt, why don’t we explore how we humans, and the society, could be in a new century, and create a place to share what we feel!

Creating the Earth (Kuni-Tsukuri) for a New Era

We faced the winter solstice of the galaxy after 25800 years on December 21st, 2012. Now that more than 3 years have passed, various events have shown the beginning of a new era, especially throughout many places around the world already in 2016.

Terrorist attacks in Europe, refugees in Syria, confusion with the big powers through the recent American presidential election, activist movement of Russia, China, other Asian countries and Arab countries…
The underside of the world that has not been known in the past now is being revealed. Moreover, the global system which has sustained so far is about to collapse.

According to Katakamuna, “Kuni” in “Kuni-Tsukuri” means “a divided area where something/someone acts freely” or “freedom is established”. Therefore, it especially indicates the “Earth” where life forms act freely in this vast universe. The purpose of human life is to complete the global ecosystem based on the universal law. This is the true “Kuni (Earth)-Tsukuri (Creation)”.

Freedom here does not mean that individual existences act egotistically. Only when each one of us becomes awakened and connected with each other, and maximizes our individuality fully, will the global ecosystem be expressed as a beautiful symphony under such an order.

Humans began to take the path from that of a monkey, deviated from the global life network, and have reached their peak. Now, the era has been facing a dead end in various aspects. However, the current crisis could be a chance to guide humans into another dimensional evolution. From there, the true Kuni-Tsukuri will be complete, in which humans will rejoin the global life network.

Another Earth Appears Here, Now

The era has already entered the 21st century, and started a new millennium toward the 31st century.

The current value which has been our common knowledge, especially since the Industrial Revolution, is based on the narrow two-dimensional thought such as “loss and profit” or “good and bad”

If we place the 4.6 billion-year history of the Earth into a single year, the Industrial Revolution, which happened about 250 years ago, would be counted as 11:59:58 pm on December 31st. From the history of the Earth, the current value and our common knowledge, which we think are absolute, were established just two seconds ago!

The time has arrived when we humans will erase the old values, and explore a direction of creating the Earth (Kuni-Tsukuri) with a new way of thinking. The 10th Earth Summit will be the exact place where the consciousness of Kuni-Tsukuri will be born!

Here is an excerpt from “The Earth Statement: In order to bring true peace to the Earth (August 15th, 2015)” which is a message from the universe to all humans. The whole Earth Statement was introduced during the 9th Earth Summit.

The individual spiritual revolution changes the country, and eventually the world, in the next era. Strong power is unnecessary for this revolution. This is a revolution by people with a firm will. Changing yourself is the beginning of changing the world. That is the universal will and an expression in the cycle of time. Therefore, all the events that occur at the individual, national and global levels are also the universal will, the flow of the times, and a mission given to us.
The next 1,000 years is a transitional period, from the times of pursuing material wealth to tapping into the hidden abilities inside us. It is this 90% of the human brain that is yet unused, which will become activated in this new era. If the untapped ability sleeping inside of us blossoms, the intuition to sense the universal will and the flow of the times will work, and it will enable us to understand the universe without leaving the Earth. Then, the possibility of technology to explore the universe will expand greatly. We are able to evolve with a high spirituality, in addition to modern technology and material wealth, as those who change with the new era.
The 21st century is the beginning of the times when we humans have a consciousness as an Earth being, and as a universal being to contribute to this world. Now, we are facing the turning point at which we will either trigger the next extinction for the living beings of the Earth, or we will create a new era. When humans express the spirituality of the next era, peace will prevail on Earth.

Last but not least, here is a message from the Earth Summit staff members.

Now that we have passed the peak of darkness, the era is facing dawn again.

Now is the time when we humans should be free from the old values, and can live our daily life with a broad worldview which is appropriate to the coming era. It can be an evolutionary miracle in human history!

Since inception, humans have had the potential of such a high consciousness, with which they could even create the universe itself. If each one of us becomes aware of our original role, and lives our daily life vividly, we will be able to express a beautiful world in which we have never seen on Earth. Through this summit, let’s create a world which becomes a model of the new Earth – for the next millennium.

Like the last Earth Summit, the 10th Earth Summit will continue to be an international event!

Everyone, why don’t you join this exciting and genuine creation from the Earth, and go beyond the borders!

Detailed Information

Date & Time:
Please come before 11:30 am on July 16th, 2016 (Sat). It will end after lunch on July 18th, 2016 (Mon).

If you arrive at Nishifujinomiya Station at 11:05 am by JR Minobu Line or at Taisekiji at 10:51 am, we will pick you up at the station/ bus terminal.
For details, please check this URL.

Konohana Family
Konohana Family produces most of their food – 260 types of vegetables, grains, 10 types of rice, free-range eggs, pure honey, and miso (fermented soy paste), soy-sauce, and other processed food, produced with traditional methods.
About 80 non blood-related members live as one big family in harmony. They receive considerable attention as a highly established community nationally and internationally such as not using any chemicals in farming, highly achieved self-sufficiency for food production, various ways of social contribution, and daily life that weighs the spirituality regardless of religions and ideologies.

Contents: (may change by flow of the day)
・Presentations that unfold the flow of generation and the modern social issues
・Workshop to draw an ideal vision of the Earth (Kuni)
・Plenary Session

Capacity: 30 people
This program is suitable for everyone, but particularly for the people who have the following thoughts:
・Feel something must be wrong in the current society
・Excited to feel the new era through changes in the current society
・Explore the way of the new society
・Look for company to create the future together
・Feel necessity to change yourself from the base
・Want to create a world where everyone is lively
・Want to manifest true peace on the earth
・Want to act on something, but do not know where to start
・Want to live independently without becoming bombarded by the conventional framework and systems
・Believe that I am a truly universal person … etc.

For those people who have the above thoughts, please join this Summit.
Let’s create a wonderful place together!

Participation Fee: 16,200 JPY
This includes accommodation and food for three days from lunch on July 16th to lunch of July 18th, Insurance, and consumption tax.

Schedule (It may change accordingly)

Day 1
12:00-14:00: Vegetarian Lunch with home grown organic vegetables
14:00-17:00: Introduction, Presentation of the current society
17:00-18:30: Bathing & Free time
18:30-20:00: Vegetarian Dinner & Free time
20:00-21:00: Welcome Concert
21:00~: Community Meeting (Optional)

Day 2
12:00-14:00:Vegetarian Lunch with home grown organic vegetables
14:00-17:00:Workshop to draw an ideal vision of the Earth (Kuni)
17:00-18:30:Bathing and Free time
18:30-20:30:Vegetarian Dinner & Free time
20:30~: Community Meeting (Optional)

Day 3
8:30-12:00: Reflection and summarizing session
12:00-14:00:Vegetarian Lunch and Break up after Lunch

(After the event from 14:00 to 16:00, a discussion session is planned for the participants who would like to talk more.)

Additional Information about the accommodation

・You may share the room with other people of the same gender.
・Please understand that drinking and smoking are prohibited in the facilities. If you need to smoke, please smoke at the allocated place outside of the facilities.

・It will be a shared big bath with other people of the same gender.
・Soap, citric acid hair conditioner, towels are prepared at the bathroom.
・Please bring your own tooth brush, shaving tool, and other disposable toiletries if necessary.

・Meals are vegetarian by using the freshly harvested seasonal homegrown vegetables which do not use any chemicals. Most ingredients are prepared by Konohana Family except some seasonings. The meals are served as a buffet style.

Application for the Event

Here is the application form

Michiyo or Awa-chan
Non-profit-organization Green Grass
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: +81-544-67-0485 Fax: +81-544-66-0810
Postal Address: 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka
Japan 419-0302


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