GEN International Newsletter April 2013

GEN Spring Newsletter

Looking at our world today, it is unclear whether humanity is waking up in time to collectively change our pathways into the future. We see growing tensions in Central Asian countries; economic crises leaving people in Europe and USA without securities they have long taken for granted; continuing tensions in the Middle East and exploitation of resources in Africa. We see nature’s species dwindling and climate change intensifying.

At the same time, care and love seem to be growing forces in our global arena. 
The Global Ecovillage Network is part of this healing, positive movement growing from civil society: people coming together, building and strengthening communities, transitioning traditional villages into ecovillages, creating human settlements where we can share with each other and take responsibility for our lands, the surrounding nature and our fellow beings. 

The Global Ecovillage movement builds friendship and recognition across all borders. We implement solutions that make a difference. We reinstate the belief that human communities can heal and regenerate the very fabric of life. Together, we learn to think, feel and act both globally and locally. It is with gratitude and appreciation to all those who have gone before, weaving connections and paving the way, that we can clearly see who we are becoming now.

In 2013, GEN is moving and breathing – very much alive! We now send our newsletter to over 11,000 individuals worldwide and have ecovillage-projects from 120 countries enrolled on our interactive maps. We have 5 continental ecovillage networks up and running (covering Europe, Latin America, Northern America, Asia and Australia, and Africa respectively). NextGEN, the youth organisation within our networks, is organising a global meeting space parallel to the GEN-Europe conference in Switzerland this summer. And GEN-International has finally incorporated as a Scottish Charity, moving up from Italy to become a more professional fundraising body in order to serve the global networks more directly. We have moved into a beautiful office space in the Findhorn community. Please, if you ever get the chance, do come and visit us here. 

As president of GEN International I feel deeply honoured and transformed by the courage, the hope and the largesse of human spirit that I have had the privilege to witness in the last two years. This is a role that is changing me from the inside-out, as my heart learns to expand from Africa to Scandinavia, from Australia to Canada, from Asia to Latin America. And I sense this change, very real and very healing, taking place in every one of my colleagues and friends, within the expanding alliance of kindred spirits as we engage more deeply with GEN. This is what GEN does. 


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The Global Ecovillage Network has consultative status in the UN – ECOSOC.

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