Friends of GEN

Friends of GEN are people, groups and organizations from all over the world supporting GEN. We warmly invite you to join us. Become a volunteer or make a donation and join the Friends of GEN family.

The global family of GEN has been growing constantly for the past 20 years connecting ecovillages and activists around the globe and bridging the gap between the amazing work on the ground and political or economical decision makers. To continue working towards GEN´s vision of a world of empowered citizens and communities living sustainably and in international solidarity, we need your help. Please support the work of GEN by sharing your resources.

Follow the call - Please feel free to download and use these flyers;  hang them on your home or workspace wall or hand them out to your friends and family. To download in Firefox or Chrome just click on the images above, in IE, Safari or other browsers first click on the image and then right-click on the large image, then select 'Save As...'

2 Ways to
become a Friend of GEN

Financially support
GEN, a specific
region or project.

Support GEN by
sharing your resources,
time and skills.