Board member of GEN International


Boniface Gomes

Boniface Subrata Gomes was born in Bangladesh and founded a social development organization named ‘Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development’ (BASD) in 1991. He studied in the Seminary and was engaged with different national and international social and welfare organizations. He got Permaculture training in Sri Lanka and Ecovillage Design training in Crystal Water, Australia. With his active initiative his organization has been working to develop 52 Ecovillages in the southern part of Bangladesh. He is helping 12 NGOs and Institutions for developing Ecovillages in different districts in the country. He founded also the ‘Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Network’ (C-MAN) through which 23 network member NGOs and University are working are active. He conducted 2 EDEs and 2 PDC in the country since 2011. He has been involved with GENOA from 2005 and GEN International Member from October, 2014