Vision, Mission, Goals


The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future, and building bridges of hope and international solidarity.


As a solution-based, multi-stakeholder alliance, GEN provides information, tools, examples and global representation to the expanding network of those dedicated to developing and demonstrating sustainability principles and practices in their lifestyles and communities around the world


  1. To advance the education of individuals from all walks of life by sharing the experience and best practices gained from the networks of ecovillages and sustainable communities worldwide.
  2. To advance human rights, conflict resolution and reconciliation by empowering local communities globally while promoting a culture of mutual acceptance and respect, effective communications, and cross-cultural outreach.
  3. To advance environmental protection globally by serving as a think tank, incubator, international partner organization and catalyst for projects that expedite the shift to sustainable and resilient lifestyles.
  4. To advance active citizenship and community development by coordinating the activities of regional ecovillage networks and reaching out to wider society and policy makers in order to accelerate the transition to sustainable living.

Strategic Goals - Objectives & Targets

  1. Cultivate relationships of trust and solidarity throughout GEN.

GEN builds networks of friendship, hope, and mutual understanding in order to heal the past and move towards global consciousness and global intercultural citizenship together.  


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Surveys and Open Forum meetings conducted amongst members of GEN to ensure a constant process of participative learning and feedback.

  2. Online document repository made available for information and collaboration to flow freely.

  3. Collaborative practices such as Sociocracy adapted and integrated into GEN.

  4. Transparent and inclusive organizational structures throughout GEN so that ownership is felt and shared.

  5. Spaces for individual and collective healing offered at GEN events.


  1. Unleash individual participation in and support for ecovillage lifestyles.

GEN actively encourages increasing membership and engagement through its Network.


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Define membership and encourage applications.

  2. Build Newsletter list to 25.000 subscribers by 2020 (Currently: 12.000)

  3. Send Newsletter monthly. (Currently: Quarterly)

  4. Empower over 100 GEN-Ambassadors to be actively engaged worldwide by 2017. (Currently: 50)

  5. Donations of up to € 100.000 per year achieved through Friends of GEN and Supportive Members of GEN by 2020. (Current budget: € 10.000 in 2016)


  1. Offer education and consultancy for sustainable development.

GEN offers a variety of educational tools to support the implementation of ecovillages and the development of intercultural citizenship.


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Provide an intuitive website to educate and empower the network and broader public.

  2. Add 2,500 solutions and further develop Pattern Language of Solution Library by 2017 (Currently: 300)

  3. Further develop GEN curricula and research programs.

  4. In collaboration with organizations such as Gaia Education, educate at least 10,000 persons around the world annually by 2020. (Currently: estimate needed)

  5. Host annual conferences for GEN-International and at least 4 regional networks by 2020.

  6. Develop a GEN-Consultancy which brings together distinguished eco-development experts from all over the world by 2020.

  7. Collaborate to produce research which furthers the principles and understandings of sustainable community development.


  1. Support the development, success, and visibility of ecovillage projects worldwide.

GEN envisions a world of empowered communities, designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future.


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Connections to 15.000 ecovillages and communities made through GEN’s regional and national networks by 2020. (Current estimation: 10.000)

  2. Through direct links to partners, projects and networks add 4.000 ecovillage projects on interactive maps by 2020. (Currently: 1.000)

  3. At least 10 showcase ecovillages per region identified and information disseminated by 2017.

  4. 120 UN nations host at least one ecovillage project by 2020. (Currently: 100)

  5. 50 national ecovillage networks registered by 2020.


  1. Apply and spread ecovillage programs to solve societal challenges.

GEN builds on the wealth of experience within GEN networks to develop social innovations and  solutions for the 21st century.


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Define and implement GEN’s 5 Ecovillage Program areas:

    1. Showcase Ecovillages: identify most inspiring existing demonstration sites

    2. Ecovillage Incubation: set up new intentional communities/ecovillages

    3. Ecovillage Transition: transition existing settlements to ecovillages

    4. Greening Schools for Sustainable Communities: set up green schools as hubs for whole community sustainable development.

    5. EmerGENcies: rebuild communities after disaster or with refugees

  2. Coordinate Projects to implement each of the Program areas


  1. Raise the impact of GEN through proactive political influencing.

GEN reaches out to the wider society and policy-makers in order to increase support for a community-led implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Agreements.  


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Initiate and continuously push agenda issues for global transition to resilience:

    1. in at least 3 UN organizations,

    2. within the European Commission/European Parliament, and

    3. in 5 other IGOs of the Global South.


  1. Build and strengthen strategic alliances.

GEN collaborates with like-minded governmental organisations, civil society organisations and socially responsible corporations in order to implement its objectives and targets.


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Showcase logos for at least 50 organisations that are in some form of alliance or partnership with GEN on its international website by 2020. (Currently: <10)

  2. Build at least 25 alliances with like-minded organisations with signed MOUs or Partnership Agreements by 2020. (Currently: <10)

  3. Strengthen partnership with other community focused organizations, such as FIC.


  1. Develop economic sustainability for a thriving future.

GEN offers pathways to all those called to marry their love for the planet with the capacity to thrive financially and strengthens the economic sustainability of GEN.


Targets to meet Objective:

  1. Channel € 500,000 to € 1 million of project funding per year from GEN-International to regional and national networks and their initiatives by 2020. (Currently: € 10,000 per year)

  2. Enhance fundraising initiatives through Legacy Funds, Gift Aid, UK core funding, Friends of GEN, and increased online donations.

  3. Develop income sources which align with GEN’s missions and fund at least 50% of operations expenses by income generated through in-house activities by 2020. (Currently: <1%)