GEN International Structure

The Global Ecovillage Network represents ecovillage networks, ecovillage projects and individuals committed to achieving the Mission and Goals of the organisation.

GEN International's continually-emerging structure functions through the coordination of several different organizing bodies: the GEN International Board, Working Groups, the GEN International Steering Committee, and the General Assembly. Additionally, GEN has several employed Staff who maintain the core organizational infrastructure and also manage GEN's funded projects. For a list of current projects, please see the "Funded Projects" page under the "GEN Work" drop-down menu.

GEN International Board

The GEN International Board is responsible for carrying the larger picture for GEN's overall Vision and Mission. The GEN International Board is composed of up to three Charity Trustees representing each of the Regional and Thematic Networks of GEN (GEN Africa, GEN Europe, GENOA, CASA, GENNA, and GEN's youth network, NextGEN). Of these three Trustees, no more than two shall be actively present and have voting responsibilities at any one board meeting. Charity Trustees have the responsibility to serve the interests of GEN-International and serve as double-links, sharing information about their Regional or Thematic Network in the Board of GEN-International; and vice versa. GEN Officers selected by the Board, include the Chair (also called President), Treasurer, Secretary and other such Officers as the Board deems necessary for transaction of business. The Board is presently Chaired by GEN International President, Kosha Anja Joubert.

See the current GEN International board members here

Working Groups

Since 2013, multiple working groups have been formed to take on specific tasks towards achieving GEN's Mission and Vision and Goals. The groups include:

  • PR and Design: Creating the new public image for GEN
  • Networking and Outreach: Supporting and expanding the GEN's existing network
  • IT: Creating and managing GEN's websites, databases, and other information systems
  • Fundraising: Establishing new sources for bringing money into GEN
  • Education: Further development of GEN's educational tools
  • Research: Looking at the role of Ecovillages in academic research

GEN International Steering Committee

Each Working Group has a facilitator working to help the group move towards its Goals. These facilitators meet together to form the GEN International Steering Committee, which is responsible for making sure all Working Groups are communicating, working in cooperation, for the maximum efficiency and workflow for the organization as a whole.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of seven members from each of GEN's Regional or Thematic Networks. The representatives are chosen from the Regional or Thematic Network’s council, staff and membership. These members attend one virtual or face-to-face GEN-International General Assembly (AGM) per year and partake in conversations on the GEN-International Members email list.