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"El Llamado de la Montaña/ The Call of the Mountain," Colombia, June 30-July 7, 2016

If you want to be a co-creator of a better world ¨EL LLAMADO DE LA MONTAÑA” / “THE CALL OF THE MOUNTAIN¨ is the gathering you have been waiting for!

Join us from June 30th to July 7th, 2016 for our 10th Anniversary Annual Eco-awareness and Social Gathering at the ¨Anaconda del sur¨ ecovillage in the exotic Amazonian region of Putumayo, Colombia called the “eyebrow of the Amazon,” where the Amazon meets the Andes Mountains.

The focus of this gathering is to share knowledge and experiences of regenerative, eco-friendly solutions, communication methods, ancestral wisdom, positive social impact and conflict resolution technologies as transformative community tools for people to live in a balanced, improved, and heart centered lifestyle - "Buen Vivir" a.k.a: Sumak Kawsay, Kuñe Moñen, Malama Ka´aina, Waponi Durani bai.

El Llamado de la Montaña aims to unite community co-creators, families, adults, youth, and children who are interested and curious to learn more sustainable ways to inhabit, live, and grow a more harmonious life with nature and community by connecting and sharing with eco-villagers, conscious world trotters, sustainability pioneers, worldwide experts, ancestral wisdom keepers, visionaries, musicians, artists and more than 14 indigenous communities of the Colombian Amazon.

Encourage yourself to embark on this journey of self-discovery and renewal to "the eyebrow of the Amazon" of Putumayo, one of the most exciting, remote and biodiverse wildlife territories. Acting as a sanctuary of the spirit, this territory still holds the great teachings of mythology and ancestral wisdom in every stone, mountain, river, and sweet breath of the wind.

This is an authentic and unique opportunity not to be missed that will expand your consciousness and worldview using Eco-practical, energy efficient methods and ideas for living in harmony, sustainability and compassion with Mother Nature.

Vision Councils:

At ¨El Llamado¨ we use the methodology of Vision Council, that encourage us to gather in talking circles called “Councils.” Here we share with people about common interest topics that are relevant to specific communities and sustainable solutions. The councils actively gather in parallel to achieve goals of common ground and communication throughout the gathering. The result of their discussions, conclusions and proposed solutions are presented at the end of the gathering in celebration. All are welcome to present and participate in the councils.

The ongoing active councils include:

  • Ancestral Wisdom
  • Arts & Culture
  • Settlements & Ecovillages
  • Ecology and Permaculture
  • Sharing & Trade Economy
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Social Movements
  • Kids

Support Our Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo!: “Amazon Regenerative & Resilience Solutions”

With your support we hope to bring influential Indigenous Elders and Environmentally Conscious Youth to share at this gathering, and to support the project: “La Cocina de AmaNacer” to build an energy efficient community kitchen at the Anaconda Del Sur Ecovillage.



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