Spiritual Practice for Peace

5 Minutes a Day - A New Practice for World Citizens

Do you often feel overwhelmed by daily news?

Do you find yourself shying away from stark information, either by assimilating it on a purely rational level, or by stopping to read or watch altogether?

Together, we aim to connect to what is happening in our world in a different way - by allowing one piece of news a day to truly touch us.

For 5 minutes a day, we practice Global Social Witnessing - making ourselves available to listen, to feel and experience a current piece of news. We become more fully present to what is happening and evolve into global citizens of a different kind, citizens who are consciously cultivating a global interior - an inner space that reflects the outer, while adding the clarity and compassion of our witnessing capacity and awareness.

This practice allows us to expand who we are, integrating shadow parts both within and without, while stepping more deeply into our responsibility and solidarity with each other.

The practice was originally started this summer at the Celebrate Life Festival of Thomas Hübl in Germany.

Together with a small curatorial team, Thomas launched a website for 5 Minutes a Day which posts headlines suitable for contemplation several times per week: https://medium.com/five-minutes-a-day

You can find an introduction here:


and a more detailed description of the practice here: https://medium.com/five-minutes-a-day/how-to-practice-5-minutes-a-day-7b...

as well as a first reflection on the practice as experienced during the Celebrate Life Festival


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