Worldwide Peace Education Initiative Launched in Tamera on 1st of May, 2013.

Tamera (Portugal) has launched a new education initiative: The Terra Nova School. Since 1st May approximately 50 groups have been forming; mainly young people from more than 30 countries -knowing that we have to change our thinking patterns in order to bring peace into our lives. 
Towards this, the young team in Tamera has created a curriculum which consists of texts, films, and live broadcasts transmitted via the internet.

Since 2006, Tamera has offered an annual peace training and basic education for sustainable living. Some hundred young peace workers from many parts of the world have joined in, many of them young leaders and founders of communities and initiatives for change. Many of them are  questioning how to continue the training, and include more people from their groups without everyone having to travel to Tamera each time.

As an answer to this question, a team of young co-workers from Tamera created the Terra Nova School. Martin Winiecki, 23, director: "The Terra Nova School wants to join together and empower all those who strive to work for a new Earth without violence and war. We call it Terra Nova. The school is intended to become a catalyst for global systemic change".

Imagine! The same thoughts and visions for a new Earth will be studied worldwide - from Dharamsala in India to La Paz in Bolivia. We all share the same issues, the same goals, the same questions. The single groups and projects will no longer be working alone, but as a part of a newly emerging planetary community. In this planetary spirit, the power that we need to do our work is multiplied."

At the heart of the education project is the development of global consciousness, the insight into future healing processes, and the implementation of real-life models for the future.

The main learning subjects are: 
Creating Utopia: Ecological and technological solutions for self-sufficiency and the healing of water, nonviolent co-operation with animals, decentralized energy supply, a free raising of children.

Healing of Love:  Building functioning communities of trust, a new image of love, Eros and healing, a new field of female power.

Theory of global revolution: The science of transformation. Why a few groups can change the world. 

Martin: "The resonance so far has been overwhelming. From China to Mexico, from Russia to South Africa, from the USA to Israel-Palestine - in each continent people come together and study, thus building a basis for a new consciousness and knowledge about system change. Many have said: This is exactly what we needed."

Also in Tamera, 12 study groups have formed - people who meet every other day and study the same material together. A community member comments : "Studying is for me a new way of life. Knowledge and spirit is the glue that keeps community together, when challenges come."

How to participate? 
The Terra Nova School consists of groups worldwide that continuously study new thoughts and pass them on to friends, neighbors and interested people, at conferences, festivals, in communities and networks, as this helps in building a new information field on Earth. It can happen simply, in a book store or cafe, a cultural center, a community, a farm with a "water retention landscape", a model university, or an entire Healing Biotope.

In the different cities, regular political evenings, readings, film screenings, art actions, etc. may take place to strengthen the spirit and joy of creating Utopia. We manifest the new Earth the more we can see its vision and talk about it. And the deeper we can do that, the stronger our power will be. This is how we will become attraction points for the revolutionary powers, as many more people will come and want to participate.

Each month is dedicated to an essential issue in the form of an education package with study texts, and further literature, as well as videos or speeches. We recommend you form groups and meet for a common study time once a week to actively work with this material. 

To deepen the issues, we set up live broadcasts of lectures from the Tamera University in the second half of each month. Depending on your questions, we will be happy to set up discussions with the authors and teachers.

During the first year, until May 2014, we want to gather all the relevant and accessible material for Terra Nova in order to create a comprehensive curriculum, that could eventually evolve into an "Education Manual for Peace Workers." We invite your collaboration and contributions.

We - a young international team in Tamera - are constantly accompanying the emergence of the school and the various groups involved, with contact persons for the different regions of the Earth. We will be in touch with you regularly, support your process and exchange information. 
The other good news is that participation is free! To cover the costs for our work, as well as for translations, travels and other expenses, we ask everyone who is able, to make a monthly donation.

Benjamin von Mendelssohn said in a brief speech for the inauguration of the school on May 1st: "Today is Labour Day, a day that many politically active people have spent with revolutionary actions. No matter how much helplessness has been contained in these political actions - in my own past and that of many others -  I would like to salute the life impulse that wants to set itself free if people take to the streets and fight against the existing system. I would like to salute this power of compassion and indignation, because it indeed is an impulse of compassion from the heart".

"And yet, the time of this kind of protest has reached its end. Besides all the outrage about the system that we have built for 5000 years, we now need a total shift of focus towards the new, to what we want to build. It is about the creativity, truth and cooperation that is necessary to really manifest a new world. That is why I am happy that the Terra Nova School is inaugurated today on the International Labour Day, as I hope, believe and know that the project will support this re-building worldwide... also because it comes to wearing a principle, which is one of our fundamental ethical principles: responsible participation in the whole".

"As it is healing for each participant in a community when he/she takes part in the whole of the community, it also is healing for the Tamera project when it takes part in the whole of the world. It is the participation in the whole, where individual bases for Terra Nova join together in a network of communities and thus form a basis for global revolution."

For participation and more information, write to: [email protected].

More information: http://www.tamera.org/index.php?id=997&L=0


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