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Educational Project
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Partner organisation
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The Park Findhorn, Forres
IV36 3TZ
United Kingdom

On the cutting edge of sustainability education

Gaia Education promotes a holistic systems approach to education for sustainable development by:

  • developing curricula to empower change makers with inner and outer skills to redesign human presence in a sustainable world.

  • facilitating the delivery of transformative learning programmes in response to emerging needs

  • disseminating grass-roots wisdom through learning communities.

Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability curriculum integrates the social, ecological, economic and worldview dimensions of sustainability, providing an education which is universal in scope and local in application.

Gaia Education offers state-of-the-art study guides, training manuals, books, webinars, presentations and a quarterly newsletter to facilitate the delivery of on-line and on-site transformational learning opportunities for community development.

Since 2006, Gaia Education has successfully supported the delivery of more than 190 programmes in 34 countries over 6 continents, reaching thousands of people. Its programmes have been offered in settings ranging from tribal women and traditional communities to children and youth, ecovillages, urban slums, universities and resilience training centers.

Gaia Education works in partnership with global educators, government and nongovernment agencies, ecovillages, universities, and the United Nations to bring sustainable development solutions to communities and ecosystems everywhere.

Gaia Education’s flagship curriculum is an official contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

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