Camphill Community: Vallersund Gaar

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Ecovillage project
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Vallersund Gaard
7167 Vallersund
+47 72 52 73 00
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Camphill Community: Vallersund Gaard

As a Camphill village community, has close connections to the other Camphill villages and schools all over the world.Co-workers, villagers and some formal drugusers have transformed a run down nineteenth-century fishing centre into Vallersund Gård with fishing, a farm, a bakery, a weavery, a 'cafeteria', a little chapel, a wind generator for electricity, 2 heat pumps, using warmth from the sea and the rocks, and interesting water systems.

Women and men who come to Vallersund Gård, to get hold of their lives, to work, to study or to visit will soon give in to the irresistible rhythm of the village.
They live together, they have punctual meals together, go out to work, relaxe in privacy, meet to study and to have discussions, it all feels like the
steady breathing of the community.
Weekdays, Sundays, holidays, leisure and work, early mornings, late evenings, they are mostly shared and spent together. And yet, the villager is in no way only one in many. In the house were you live with the 'parent' family of co-workers and their children and with handicapped and other people, retiring to your own room is regarded with the utmost respect for privacy for the individual. Living together can be confronting, because your own self is being reflected by the others constantly. And everybody stimulated by therapy and surrounded by the community will have to meet with their real self. The Camphill philosophy is based on the conviction that equality in a community is the best breeding ground for the development of the individual.

The community of Vallersund Gård is adjusted to its natural environment- a little below the Polar Circle. It takes time to let personalities manifest themselves fully, in order to allow personal development as well as the formulation of important decisions in people's lives to take shape.

All villagers alike contribute, give to the community as well as take, receive from it. They work together, each testing his own abilities, and give or receive. Work is in the bakery, in the garden, working with stone, making dolls, working in the stables, on the land, in the shop and above all in the house. They perform plays, frequently, they have spiritual study meetings, cultural gatherings and celebrate seasonal festivities.