GEN International Newsletter September 2014

Giving Birth in Community

Dear Friends of the Global Ecovillage Network!

Is there a more crucial, more powerful and more challenging moment in a lifetime than giving birth? The way that we are born into this world, the way our parents conceive, give birth, and raise us, forms and influences us our whole lives.
In previous times, women passed the knowledge about midwifery from generation to generation. However, the knowledge and the right to choose the way to give birth was taken from women a long time ago. In the name of 'modernization' and 'security', it was felt that women should give birth in a hospital, attended by doctors. Many mothers benefitted from the progress of medical science, but numerous casualties also occurred through misunderstandings and, in general, birth-giving became a cold and sterile process.
It is obvious that this is not about choosing one method over the other. We have to find a way for mothers to give birth in a powerful, gentle and self-chosen way - AND with the background of modern medical support, if needed. Some ecovillages have taken on this challenge - providing knowledge, experience, and expertise to make the birth process, once more, an experience of female power. Ecovillages and sustainable settlements help to embed the whole process from love, conception, pregnancy, birth, and child raising in a community. They are even teaching this wisdom in other parts of the world, and offering the possibility of a natural birth for families in their regions.
I was overwhelmed by the many experiences and stories shared by the mothers, fathers, and midwives of our network. And, once more, I envision these stories and wisdom to be in a full colour magazine, with beautiful photos to share with the wider world.

Let´s keep holding and living this dream!

We wish you great inspiration! The Newsletter starts with the general articles to be followed by the ones about birth-giving.

Kosha Anja Joubert, President GEN International
Leila Dregger, Jenefer Marquis, editors

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