GEN International Newsletter December 2013

Let's work with the self-organising power of love

Dear friends of ecovillages worldwide

We are putting together the last words for this newsletter during the GEN Africa Conference in Kenya. For five days we have heard, seen and shared with upcoming African leaders: young people from slums, who are empowering themselves through art and self created job opportunities, food sovereignty and energy autonomy; well educated academics, returning to the villages they come from, to share and improve the lives of their neighbours and families; women in areas of tension, healing from the wounds of war by creating community; people who are trying to reverse the effects of climate change, soil erosion and deforestation on the ground, in their communities. In short, people who 're-member', as Dr. Karambu from Kenya puts it: "When we remember, who we really are, we re-member and reclaim the wastelands of our country, of our hearts and of our minds." These wastelands have been co-created by colonialism, globalisation, and consumerism. Peoples and communities all over our planet have separated from their original knowledge, their togetherness, their connection to nature and to the places they inhabit. Today, we are on a pathway of reclaiming our heritage and potential as humanity.
"Healing colonialism" is the theme of this newsletter. Many contributions refer to it. Voices from all continents express their path to inner and outer freedom. Creating community, and facing the spiritual, ecological, social and cultural challenges in doing that, is a healing path. Or as Kosha Joubert said during the conference: "We can transition from collective stupidity to collective wisdom by following the self-organising power of love."  

We wish everyone a joyous, healthy and inspiring 2014! May you enjoy reading these stories of hope!  
Kosha Joubert, president GEN International 
Leila Dregger, editor 
Jenefer Marquis, editor

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