Co-Act: Together Network

Dialogue with all Actors

The TOGETHER network has launched the CO-ACT project to counterbalance the power of economic lobbies by using radically different methods. Considering that co-responsibility not only includes local actors but also public policy makers and legal frameworks at other levels, it is not enough to apply pressure with technical reports, by connecting with high-level contacts, etc.

There is also a need to develop a bottom-up process dialogue involving the largest amount of citizens at a local level, and to invite policy makers to enter into this process from the local to the global levels. It consists of gathering the opinions of citizens about what is well-being, what is 'ill-being', and what actions can citizens policy-makers take. Through a permanent dialogue with all actors, these answers will inform key recommendations that will be submitted to national policy makers in November,2016, in Belgium. The GEN network is invited to participate in this process.

The best way to do this is to answer the questionnaire consisting of 4 questions,both individually and collectively as a group or community. Please participate and give your opinion: or [email protected]


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