Community Sustainability Assessment

Assess the Sustainability of your Community

The Global Ecovillage Network is developing the concept of sustainability auditing. The aim being to provide measuring rods for individuals and for existing villages and communities to compare their current status with ideal goals for ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability. In addition, acting as learning instruments - pointing out actions aspiring individuals and communities can take to become more sustainable.

In this context the Global Ecovillage Network has created the Community Sustainability Assessment tool CSA. This consists of a questionnaire to help the project or individual assess their current situation and possible areas of growth and improvement.

The  CSA can be accessed either through our online community platform at or by downloading and completing the assessment offline.

Complete the questionere online at Download the Assessment tool for offline access
Read more GEN Sites in the resources section of this website. You might need to right click and select ‘Save link as...’  to download the files.
  1. Sign in or create an account
  2. Go to the ‘My Projects’ page and select an existing project OR create a new project
  3. When your project is open select the ‘Assessment Tool’ option from the ‘Tasks’ menu which you can find across the top of the window
Choose to download the CSA in one of the following formats:
  • PDF All pdf viewers
  • DOC Microsoft Word
  • ODT Libre/Open- Office


There also exists an older version of the CSA. This version, while extensive, primarily targets intentional communities in the North American and European cultural contexts. It also does not include some of the latest developments in sustainability thinking. As an additional resource you may download the old version of the CSA as a PDF here.