GEN International Office in Findhorn

New GEN International Office Opened at Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland

In a quiet corner of one of the newest co-housing developments of the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, the GEN International office is opening its doors for business, as the fresh Scottish spring brings new life to the land. It is a fitting location for the international headquarters of the ecovillage movement, as Findhorn is one of the nine seed group members of the Global Ecovillage Network.

The GEN network was inaugurated at the first international conference of ecovillage members, 'Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities for the 21st Century', held at Findhorn in 1995, with 400 people in attendance.

Robert Gilman, co-founder of Gaia Trust, describes in a video made at the conference, that ecovillages are the "necessary yes", the positive solution to mounting global problems and a leap to an increased quality of life. With several thousands of ecovillages and sustainable communities as members of GEN today, the vision of the founders and seed members is blossoming and ripening with astonishing speed.

The President of GEN International, Kosha Joubert (South Africa, Germany), heads a willing multinational team at the new office, including Katie Kukolj (Yugoslavia, Germany) as Kosha's invaluable PA; Barbara Provost, who is a Development Assistant on an internship from France; and Jenefer Marquis (Australia, UK) who is part of the GEN communications team.

Kira Taylor-hoar from the USA, a NextGEN Ambassador, has just embarked from the office on her journey through European ecovillages and sustainable communities as part of the Ecorasmus Youth Project.

The GEN Office offers placements for interns and volunteers who would like to support our work. Please feel warmly invited to visit us here for a tea and a chat if ever you get the chance to come to this beautiful corner of the world.


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