Sunday, 6. November. 2016

Latin America (CASA): 

Video Documentation and Educational Tools for Community Development

A Solution provided by Común Tierra, Latin America With the rural exodus and the deterioration of rural communities, many traditional skills and decentralized solutions are... Read more
Sunday, 6. November. 2016

Asia/Oceania (GENOA): 

Earthen Architecture and Green Building Techniques 

A solution provided by Auroville, India Construction is responsible for the huge consumption of energy, electricity, water and materials. On the other hand the building sector has... Read more
Sunday, 6. November. 2016

Europe (GEN Europe): 

Holistic Water Management and Water Retention Landscapes

Solution provided by Tamera, Portugal Humus and topsoil can absorb a large amount of water and release it slowly. In this way floods and droughts are prevented. But erosion has... Read more
Sunday, 6. November. 2016

Africa (GEN Africa):

Integrated Land Use Design and Greening Schools

A solution provided by Mugove Walter Ngyia, Malawi Numerous communities in Africa are affected by critical issues such as hunger and malnutrition that still afflict millions of... Read more
Friday, 4. November. 2016

USA/Europe (GENNA/GEN Europe):

Soil Restoration and Carbon Sequestration using Biochar

The future starts with the dirt beneath our feet. Soil is the earth’s fragile skin that anchors all life. However, half of the topsoil on the planet has been lost in the last 150... Read more
Monday, 12. September. 2016

Synergies between Degrowth and GEN

Synergies between Degrowth and the Global Ecovillage Network

One of the most controversially discussed key tracks during the 5th International Degrowth Conference 2016 in Budapest was “Degrowth and other social movements”. Can degrowth be... Read more
Sunday, 4. September. 2016 Nara Petrovič

GEN at DEGROWTH conference, Budapest

30. 8. - 2. 9. 2016

Degrowth is a “bomb word” used to inspire in-depth debates on whether infinite growth in a finite world is desirable or even possible. A vibrant and dynamic network developed... Read more
Wednesday, 17. August. 2016

Youth Ecovillage Design Education

December 4th 2016 to January 8th 2017 in Auroville, India

The focus of the course: Discover the cultural heritage and richness of the Indian subcontinent. Experience one of the world’s largest & oldest Intentional Communities.... Read more
Donnerstag, 21. July. 2016

Cameroon: Ecobuilding in Bafut

Ecobuilding as part of Sustainable Development in Bafut Ecovillage

Transforming a farm into a learning center and ecovillage: together we have created a model for the region with ecological buildings, the beginnings of a food forest, and water... Read more
Donnerstag, 21. July. 2016

Cameroon: Come Learn With Us

Opportunities for Education and Engagement

International Summer Training Camp, August 2016 - Bridging cultural boundaries to share, learn, and cultivate peace and tolerance at a global level. Since 2011, Better World... Read more
Donnerstag, 21. July. 2016

Cameroon: Green Entrepreneurship

Green Entrepreneurship in Bafut Ecovillage

The Bafut Ecovillage celebrates four years of sustainable community development, achieved through adaptive governance among the people and designing a model of cultural and social... Read more
Wednesday, 20. July. 2016

Tamera's first LGBTQ Intro Week

Report from Tamera's first LGBTQ Introduction Week

“Queerness is that thing that lets us feel that this world is not enough – the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality or concrete possibility of another... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Zimbabwe: Facing Climate Change

Best Practices for Facing Climate Change Head On

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. Zimbabwe's green schools offer a best practice model in growing eco-sensitive food systems as a means of providing... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Zambia: Get Involved in Upcoming EDE

Upcoming Ecovillage Design Education Course: April 2017

Kosha Joubert, executive director of GEN International, presents to interested stakeholders at the Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre. Where: Kasisi Agricultural Training... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Zambia: Greening Schools

GEN International and the ReSCOPE Programme Partner

The Greening Schools for Sustainable Community Development Project is working with four schools to produce resilience plans based on ecovillage design best practices.... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Zambia: Resilient Development

Ecovillage Best Practices from ReSCOPE

Using schools as an entry point into creating more sustainable communities, we build on the four pillars of inclusiveness, genuine participation, integration, and local ownership... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

South Africa: Strategy Meeting

GEN South Africa’s 2016 Strategy Meeting (April-May 2016)

GEN South Africa met this spring for a strategy meeting, promoting sustainability and clear channels of communication across the region with the long-term goal of developing a... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Kenya: Honoring Animals

Kenya’s OTEPIC Peace Ecovillage: Respecting Animals in Ecovillage Culture

We believe that all animals deserve respect and protection. Saint Francis of Assisi taught that animals are our brothers and sisters. With this understanding, we do not... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Ghana: Country’s First EDE

February-March 2016

GEN Ghana held its first ecovillage design education course (EDE) this spring. Sponsored by the Danish Ecovillage Network and Danish Civil Society Fund, the partnership seeks to... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Gambia: Three Upcoming Events

Convergence of Ecovillage Events – Music, Permaculture, and Food (December 2016, January 2017)

Get ready to celebrate with an ecovillage convergence of events with music, food, and permaculture – you can’t get a better combination than that. All are welcome. Mark Your... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Gambia: What's Happening With PECEN?

The People’s Coast Ecovillage Network (PECEN): Event Report

The People’s Coast Ecovillage Network was founded as a result of two ecovillage and permaculture design courses in 2014 and 2015 that brought together villages in Gambia, Senegal... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Gambia: Our Ecovillage Network

Founding The People’s Coast Ecovillage Network in The Gambia

The creation of this new ecovillage network enables us to speak with a single voice as eco-champions. Throughout all of our activities, we are engaged in the mitigation of climate... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016 Niveen Morsy

Egypt: GEN Strategy Meeting in Sekem

GEN Africa and the United Nations

GEN leaders ask politicians at the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment: “How can we help you achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by... Read more
Monday, 18. July. 2016

Kenya: Ecovillage Construction Plans

OTEPIC Peace Ecovillage: Construction Using Natural Materials

The OTEPIC Peace Ecovillage is using interlocking eco-bricks to create a honeycomb formation for a new conference hall, community house, and birthing center. In OTEPIC, we have... Read more