GEN work

About GEN’s work

To provide information, tools, examples and representation to the expanding networks of those dedicated to developing and demonstrating sustainability principles and practices in their lifestyles and communities around the world. To coordinate the activities of a number of regional ecovillage networks around the world. To serve as an incubator and platform for international projects and initiatives those accelerate the shift to sustainable lifestyles and more resilient society.

Ecovillage Transition Strategies

Building on 20 successful years of global networking, sustainable development, and education, GEN is ready to scale up its partnerships with governments, NGOs, and donors to implement policies and solutions at local, regional, and international levels.  In addition to five-year goals and targets, GEN is implementing an ecovillage transitions strategy using the following Adaptive Governance Cycle.


Part of GEN's work is to create Educational opportunities within and about Ecovillages. GEN does this through several modalities, which it is continuing to develop. GEN partners with Gaia Education to promote its educational work in the world.

In collaboration with Gaia Education, GEN has set an impressive Target Goal for 2020 to educate at least 10.000 persons annually in its GEN Global Education Program (4-week Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) courses, 5-day Ecovillage Incubator courses, 2-day GEN-Introduction courses, 5-day GEN Green Solutions and 5-day Social Solutions courses around the world.

UN Advocacy

Since 2000 GEN has had consultative status at the UN-Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) commission, and is represented at regular briefing sessions at UN Headquarters. GEN is also a partner of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR.

The Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC means GEN has a special competence in, and is concerned specifically with some of the fields of activity covered by ECOSOC. This status gives GEN the chance to join in the work of various committees relevant to its concerns to promote sustainable communities and practices worldwide.


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